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How do I participate in a discussion on a blog?

You do not need to create a profile to participate. Anyone can post without a profile.

The ten most recent blog postings are on the front page. Or, you can view all posts filed by category. Categories are listed on the right.

1.  Do you have a comment or question pertaining to the topic of a blog post? If so, click on the title of the blog post where you wish to post a comment or question.


It will take you to a page that contains the blog post with a comment field located beneath it.

2. Enter your comment or question in the Message field below, and click “Comment” in the bottom left corner to submit your “post”.


3.  Your comment will not appear right away. Instead, you will see a message like this one, “Your comment is awaiting moderation”:


4.  The blog moderator will need to review your message in light of the blog guidelines, and also to ensure it is not spam. Once the blog moderator reviews and releases your comment, it will appear beneath the Message box.


To find out when someone responds to your comment or question, you can do it in four ways:

  • Revisit the blog post for comments.
  • Check “notify me of follow up comments via email”. Be sure to whitelist because this is the email address that will send you the notifications.
  • Subscribe without commenting by entering your email address in the box provided and clicking “Subscribe”.
  • Or subscribe to the blog posting using “RSS”. RSS allows you to bring new Web content to your computer by using an RSS feed reader. For more information, click the orange icon at the top right corner of this screen.


The grey image to the left of your comment is a placeholder for a photo or avatar you may wish to use for all of your blog postings. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs or similar Web forums. If you would like to add an avatar for your comments, you can do so free, with Gravatar.

Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site, appearing beside your name when you comment on a post or a blog on avatar-enabled sites. It does this by associating an avatar with an email account of your choosing. You upload or choose your avatar. Then, whenever you comment on a blog on avatar-enabled sites (like this one), your avatar appears with your comment.

It makes sense for people who might participate on one or more avatar-enabled sites. You may not wish to subscribe and upload your avatar on every single site. Gravatar allows you to choose an avatar that will appear on avatar-enabled sites but all from a single setup. To get started, watch this short (2 minute) video:

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