Wednesday, 10 of February of 2016

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Increase State Leadership Funds from 12.5% to a Minimum of 15%

. . . to improve teacher quality by providing more professional development, improving working conditions, professionalizing the workforce, and researching what practitioners need to be effective.

—An NCL WIA Reauthorization Priority

Article by Andy Nash

NCL is advocating that state leadership funds be returned to 15% (the funding level before WIA), and that those funds be dedicated to strengthening the adult education workforce by supporting professional development and working conditions that stabilize the field. Understanding that state budgets are tight, if not in crisis, some are reluctant to use federal funds that could go into direct service this way.


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Stabilizing and Strengthening the Adult Education Workforce

Professional quality—including both teacher quality and the working conditions professionals need—is critical for advancing the adult education and literacy system. Learn how panelists advance this cause in their programs and states, and through federal legislation. See how you can stabilize and strengthen the adult education workforce in your area.

Friday, March 19, 8:30 – 9:30 am

Continental Ballroom B (Lobby Level)


  • Jackie Taylor, NCL Public Policy Committee Co-Chair
  • Mary Ann Corley, Principal Research Analyst, American Institutes for Research
  • Richard Tariff, Director of Adult Services, EASTCONN
  • Andy Nash, World Education; MA Coalition for Adult Education (MCAE) Working Conditions Committee

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