Friday, 12 of February of 2016

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NIFL Closes: LINCS Transitions to OVAE

Update and background on preserving NIFL resources

Update: With the closing of the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) September 30, the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) is moving to the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE).

A new LINCS websitelive October 1will offer an array of new, final publications from NIFL; the LINCS Resource Collections (online subject-oriented collections of high-quality instructional resources); archives of all NIFL webcasts; and a continuation of popular resources such as the news items and discussion lists.

Background: In May 2009, the National Coalition for Literacy conducted a NIFL…

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Fund Research and Development Projects to Identify, Disseminate, and Support the Transfer of Findings Into Best Practices in Adult Education

—An NCL WIA Reauthorization Priority

Article by Jackie Taylor

As Nickie Askov discussed in her July 30 article on a research center, the adult education and literacy field has unique challenges not addressed by other fields. Thus, we cannot rely on other fields to conduct this research for us. In fact, we think research is so important, we made it a separate priority apart from the recommendation for a National Center for Adult Education, Literacy, and Workforce Skills.

We welcome your comments on any of the following questions:

Why, from your perspective, is

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Establish an Independent National Center for Adult Education, Literacy and Workforce Skills

. . . to provide the resources necessary to improve practice and provide high quality services to the adult education community and those they serve.[i]

—An NCL WIA Reauthorization Priority

Article by Nickie Askov

As former board member and research chair of the NCL, I have been concerned about the lack of funding for research, especially with the termination of a national research center for adult education and literacy.  The Institute for Education Sciences (IES) in the US Department of Education funded a national research and development center in adult education/literacy at Harvard University (National Center for the Study of…

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