Saturday, 13 of February of 2016

Stephen Reder

Stephen Reder

University Professor of Applied Linguistics, Portland State University

Guest Biography

Stephen Reder is University Professor of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University.  His research and teaching interests focus on adult education and the processes of literacy and language development during adulthood.  Dr. Reder has served as the Principal Investigator for a number of major projects in adult education. Two recent projects, the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning and the National Labsite for Adult ESOL, examine the ways adults acquire new literacy and language abilities and workplace skills and the roles which adult education programs and policies play in supporting that development.  The results of this research have led to the development of the Learner Web, an innovative online adult learning support system being used in a variety of settings to support adult literacy development, postsecondary education, workforce preparation and professional development.

Stephen is a guest blogger in the guest blog discussion series on Social Innovations in Adult Education.

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