Saturday, 6 of February of 2016

Heidi Silver-Pacuilla

Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, Ph.D., senior research analyst, American Institutes for Research

Guest Biography

Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, Ph.D., senior research analyst at American Institutes for Research (AIR), is the deputy director of the National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) funded by the Office of Special Education Programs. She and NCTI director, Tracy Gray, are co-editors of the forthcoming book, Breakthrough Learning through Inclusive Technology from Springer Publishing. Heidi is also a task leader on an adult education technical assistance project to improve writing instruction for adult students. Her research and technical assistance work has focused on applying best practice research from the special education literature to digital environments for students of all ages with disabilities. She has worked in adult learning and literacy for over 20 years at all levels of programming. She serves on the board of directors of the National Coalition for Literacy.

Heidi is a guest blogger in the National Coalition for Literacy online discussion of Reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act, July 19 – August 6, 2010.

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