Sunday, 14 of February of 2016

Debra Jones

Debra Jones

California State Director of Adult Education

Guest Biography

Debra Jones has a rich history of more than 25 years in adult education having worked as director of an adult school as well as an instructor, coordinator, and school counselor. Debra joined the California Department of Education in 2007. As state director of California’s adult education program, Debra oversees the state and federal programs that annually serve over 800,000 students.

Debra chairs of Research Committee of the National Adult Education Council of State Directors and works closely with the leadership in Washington D.C. to fulfill President Obama’s goal of educating the adult workforce and to further the reauthorization of the WIA legislation.

In May, Debra co-authored the report, The Return on Investment from Adult Education and Training: Measuring the Economic Impact of a Better Educated and Trained U.S. Workforce. Debra believes that amidst the economic challenges there is an opportunity for adult educators to create and define a robust future for the adult education system.

Debra is a guest blogger in the guest blog discussion series on Social Innovations in Adult Education.

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