Wednesday, 10 of February of 2016

Anne Murr

Anne Murr

Coordinator, Adult Literacy Center, Drake University School of Education, Des Moines, Iowa and Board Member, National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN)

Guest Biography

Anne Murr is the Coordinator of the Adult Literacy Center (ALC) in the Drake University School of Education a position she has held since 1998.  The ALC provides literacy learning opportunities to adults at all literacy levels, but particularly those with below basic skills.  She is spearheading the Virtual Literacy Project to investigate the use of technology to make information accessible to adults with low literacy skills.  She is collaborating in research to evaluate the effectiveness of text-to-speech technology with adults in GED preparation classes.

Anne is active in the New Readers of Iowa Coalition, in Iowa Health System’s health literacy initiative, and serves as Board Member and Advocacy Chair of the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs (NAASLN).

Anne holds a M.S. in adult education and organizational development from Drake University.  Her research has been in the causes of the failure to learn to read and strategies to remediate reading difficulties.  She taught literacy development and family literacy as an early childhood educator in Drake University’s Head Start program.

Anne is a guest blogger in the guest blog discussion series on Social Innovations in Adult Education.

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