Saturday, 6 of February of 2016

Andy Nash

Andrea Nash, Staff Development Specialist, New England Literacy Resource Center

Guest Biography

Andy Nash grew up in New York but made her way to Boston, Massachusetts, via college at UMass Amherst, after which she spent several months traveling in Central America. It was there that she started reading Paulo Freire and teaching English to adults, although she made several detours before returning to the field of adult education years later.

Andy Nash now works at the New England Literacy Resource Center/World Education, where she coordinates professional development projects for adult ESOL, EL/Civics, standards-based instruction, and learner persistence. She is also Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education’s Working Conditions Committee and is a Member of the Board for the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers, a Member organization of the National Coalition for Literacy.

Andy specializes in projects that integrate adult literacy education with civic engagement, advocacy, and the skills that enable participation in a democracy. Over the past 25 years, her work has included ESOL, workplace, and family literacy teaching; program evaluation; and staff, program, and resource development. She has published several articles about participatory practice and a host of theme-based curricula, and edited a resource to help teachers use The Change Agent magazine in the classroom.

The Working Conditions Committee has recently started a blog called Making a Living (?) in Adult Education, which highlights the challenging conditions under which adult educators are expected to ensure student success and the risks to the system if we don’t maintain a stable workforce of well-qualified practitioners.

Andy is a guest blogger in the National Coalition for Literacy’s online discussion of Reauthorizing the Workforce Investment Act, July 19 – August 6, 2010.

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