Monday, 8 of February of 2016

NCL Launches Social Media Campaign, Grows Grassroots Advocacy for Adult Education & Family Literacy

By Jackie Taylor

The National Coalition for Literacy recently launched a social media campaign to grow the grassroots advocacy base for adult education and family literacy. On February 14, the Coalition began by launching a redesign of its main website, folding the Advocacy Clearinghouse and Toolkit and its blog under one umbrella web presence.

The website provides resources for the general public to quickly access in understanding why adult education is important and how to take action. It also provides a policy one-stop for legislative staff in locating critical public policy updates, policy recommendations, and information on events key to understanding adult education and family literacy issues.

The website launch is just the first step in a multi-phased process. The Coalition hopes to implement text messaging alerts and to reach out to bloggers, Facebook friends, twitter enthusiasts, and Congress through social media.

The Coalition is on Twitter, Facebook, and Capwiz, an online alert system that enables advocates to act quickly on alerts that advance positions developed through Coalition consensus. Also, Capwiz alerts are published on the Coalition’s Facebook page, opening the possibility for adult education alerts to go viral. For example, when advocates act on a Coalition Capwiz alert, they have the opportunity to publish a note on their Facebook wall, which then displays on their friends’ news feeds, notifying everyone in their Facebook networks about it, and so forth.

Get Started:

How can you use social media to advocate for adult education and family literacy? Begin by looping in your social media networks with the Coalition. For example:

  • Like NCL on Facebook
  • Invite others to like NCL on Facebook
  • Respond to Coalition action alerts and publish a note on your Facebook wall that you took action.
  • Follow NCL on Twitter and retweet Coalition updates and alerts
  • Subscribe to receive Coalition alerts and updates via email

For more information and strategies on using social media to advocate for adult education and family literacy, visit the Coalition’s social media section of its website.

In 2010, the Coalition contracted with Fission Strategy to conduct research on using social media for grassroots advocacy . We will keep you updated on our social media campaign progress. In the meantime, let us know what you think! We look forward to hearing from you.

This initiative is funded through the generous support of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and the work is accomplished by the Coalition’s Social Media Team: Cassandra Brown, GED Testing Service; Dahlia Shaewitz, American Institutes for Research; Jenna Miller, National Center for Family Literacy; Kristin K. Murphy, American Library Association; Marcie Foster, Center for Law and Social Policy; Heidi Silver-Pacuilla, American Institutes for Research; Marsha L. Tait and Jackie Taylor, National Coalition for Literacy.

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